Initiative Workplan Example

Below is an example of an ICH initiative plan. See the Starting an ICH Initiative section of the toolkit for information on how to develop an initiative plan. Note that in the example below, the goals are written as statements that describe a future state.

Example ICH Initiative Plan

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Project
Vision: We are managing our community’s cultural heritage so that it is protected and being passed on from generation to generation.
(List the goals you are trying to achieve)
(List activities needed to reach the goal)
(List the people responsible for each activity)
(Dates, usually in weeks, months or years, that this activity will occur in)
Young adults, including young parents, are learning the about their ICHHost monthly workshops (for example, beading, weaving, harvesting)Mandy, Heritage Program Planner1st of every month
Host monthly day camps (to learn about language, listen to stories, sing, dance)Mandy, Heritage Program Planner15th of every month
The public supports and respects our ICHHost four educational days for the community and publicJack, Community Recreation CoordinatorQuarterly
Write and circulate monthly newsletterShauna, ICH Researcher15th of every month
Cultural belongings are returned to the communityResearch museum collections to identify which institutions hold community cultural belongingsLyra, Research AssistantMarch 1st – June 1st
Form a repatriation planning committeePete, Heritage Program ManagerJanuary 1st – March 1st
ICH sites and landscapes are recorded, managed and protectedConduct research on ICH sites and landscapesShauna, ICH ResearcherDecember 1st –January 15th
Host a series of community engagement sessions to gather information on ICH sites and landscapes and to determine values and priorities for land useJack, Community Recreation CoordinatorJanuary 15th
January 30th
February 15th
Create an inventory of ICH sitesShauna, ICH ResearcherFebruary 16th – March 1st
Draft a heritage policy with this informationAlishia, Heritage Policy WriterYear Two
ICH management is community-ledEngage community about ICHJack, Community Recreation CoordinatorSemi-annually
Mentor young community membersDennis, ICH ExpertOngoing
Train community members to fill ICH management rolesLisa, Program ManagerAs required