Implementing an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Initiative

The hard work of planning pays off when an ICH team gets to put their initiative into action. As implementation proceeds, ICH teams may need to make ongoing changes and shift details of the initiative to better meet their community’s needs. For example, a conference may occur that provides a perfect opportunity to promote the ICH initiative. Or an environmental challenge might arise that requires an ICH team response that should be integrated into the initiative plan.

The steps to implement an ICH initiative plan are described in following table:

Review the plan• After a project has been funded, the ICH team can meet to review the initiative plan. Is it ready to be implemented, or are there small changes to make? Click here for an example plan.
Create a detailed workplan• The ICH team may choose to make a more detailed work plan that breaks activities into tasks. The ICH team can confirm will be responsible for each task and how long the tasks are expected to take.
Decide how to launch the initiative• How will the ICH team kick-off the initiative? This may be with a gathering (virtual or in-person), a shared meal, a promotional video, or a workshop about ICH.
• How will the initiative launch be advertised to the community?
• The ICH may want to create initiative materials, such as pamphlets or a website.
• The ICH team can consider how to present the initiative to the community. For instance, will there be specific branding or colours for initiative materials? Will the team hire a designer to create a logo?
Start the initiative• This is the time to onboard the ICH team, including having an orientation for new staff, if necessary.
• The ICH team can now begin conducting the work of the initiative, following the workplan.
Evaluate and adapt the plan• Throughout the initiative, ICH teams can reflect on how the work is going and adapt their plans as needed.
• ICH teams can ask themselves: What is working well? and How can activities and tasks be improved?