Budget Example

Creating a budget for your ICH initiative will allow you to understand the costs of implementation and demonstrate your financial needs to funders. See the How to Make a Budget section of this toolkit for more information on how to create your budget.

Sample Indigenous Cultural Heritage Budget

(List the goals you are trying to achieve)
(List activities needed to reach the goal)
(if needed, break activities into smaller steps)
Resources Needed
(List the detailed costs for each activity)
ICH sites and landscapes are recorded, managed and protectedConduct research on ICH sites and landscapesDevelop research planSalary for ICH researcher (part-time)$30,000
Conduct researchSalary for ICH researcher (part-time)Recorded above
Host a series of community engagement sessions to gather information on ICH sites and landscapes and to determine values and priorities for land useHire facilitatorCommunity engagement facilitator: $250 x 3
Facilities: $500 x 3 meetings
Food: $100 x 3 meetings
Book facilitiesRecorded above
Schedule and promote sessionsRecorded above
Conduct meetingRecorded above
Create an inventory of ICH sitesCompile information from engagement sessions into inventorySalary for ICH researcherRecorded above
Review inventory with Knowledge KeepersSalary for ICH researcherRecorded above
Draft a heritage policy with this informationEmploy a heritage policy writerSalary for heritage policy writer$60,000
Conduct researchHire student researcher$10,000
Form advisory committeeHonoraria x 4 people x $250 x 4 sessions$4000
Draft heritage policySalary for heritage policy writerRecorded above
Publish and promote the policyGraphic design
Community presentation
Total Cost$109,550