What is an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Management Team?

An ICH management team is a group of dedicated individuals responsible for working together to plan and lead ICH initiatives. The team may be big or small depending on the work being done, community interest and how much funding is available. Each member of an ICH management team holds a different role based on their gifts, interests and skills.

Why an ICH management team is important

Accountability: A group of dedicated individuals accountable to the ICH needs and visions of the community.

Visibility: Community members will know who to contact when they are interested in getting involved with ICH initiatives.

Strong relationships: ICH team members will each have their own community relationships with individuals and organizations. This can build a strong network to support the ICH initiative.

Diversity: Ideally the ICH management team will bring in different perspectives, skills and approaches, making the work more effective.

Support: An individual can lead ICH work, but having a team means that no one is alone and there is support to carry out activities.